House Candidate Jason Reese Commemorates Martin Luther King, Jr. in Downtown Parade

Oklahoma City—Candidate for State House Jason Reese joined fellow Oklahomans today in the downtown Oklahoma City parade to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The memory of the great Dr. King should not only be kept alive by words but also by actions. We march because too many of the dreams of ’68 are still unfulfilled and too many of the scars of ‘68 are still unhealed.”

Reese continued, “It is time for Oklahoma to redouble our efforts to ensure that equality of opportunity and respect for the dignity of every person are realities and not solely dreams. I want to encourage my fellow Republicans to hold true to the legacy of our party’s forebears, first and foremost by recognizing that, as the party of Lincoln, we are called ‘to make men free.’”


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