City Sentinel Endorses Jason Reese for House

In the Republican primary for House District 83, Jason Reese has earned the endorsement of The City Sentinel newspaper. Our general policy here is to commend and recommend candidates, not to criticize hopefuls who do not get our endorsement. Reese is the best choice in this important race.

Reese will seek reforms like those departing incumbent Randy McDaniel (who is seeing the statewide elected post of Treasurer) forged a few years back in the furnace of legislative debate, changes and substantive “tweaks” that assured fiscal viability for the public employee pension program.

Taken as a whole, McDaniel’s reforms were among the most significant “positives” to flow from Republican governance over time. District 83 deserve the same excellence in their next representative.

Reese’s support for education is derived from his own life story. In his childhood, his family moved some 25 miles from his father’s workplace to assure the best possible schooling for young Jason.

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