Reformer. Realist. Republican.

Jason Reese was raised as the only child of a single father who moved to a small town, enduring a long commute so Jason could attend a good school. Jason made it through the University of Oklahoma on part-time jobs and scholarships before leaving for Notre Dame Law School. While at Notre Dame, the attacks of September 11 occurred. Answering the call of duty, Jason enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserve. While still in the Navy, Jason transferred back to OU to marry Jessica and settle in Oklahoma City.

After the Republican Party gained control of the Oklahoma House of Representatives for the first time in over eighty years, Jason was offered a position at the House conducting legal research and drafting legislation. In 2006, he left state government and entered the private sector. For the past eleven years, Jason has represented and advised Oklahoma businesses, especially in the field of employment law. His expertise in employment law was recognized by the Governor when he was appointed to the Merit Protection Commission, which oversees the employment decisions and policies of state agencies.

Jason and Jessica live in Quail Creek with their four children. The Reeses attend Christ the King, where all but baby Charlotte attend school as well. Jason is active in the community, serving as an usher for his church and on the board of the Quail Creek Homeowners Association. He is a member of Oklahoma City Rotary Club 29 and the Downtown Club. The service he finds the most fulfilling is as a member of the Board of Cristo Rey Catholic High School, a startup school tailored to fit the needs of underprivileged teens who otherwise would lack the opportunity to make a better life.

“A disposition to preserve, and an ability to improve, taken together, would be my standard of a statesman.”      
–Edmund Burke,

–Edmund Burke

Jason has great ambitions for Oklahoma: a state where everyone has the ability to fulfill their potential and serves as an example for the rest of the country for good governance and a vibrant economy. He knows that these ambitions cannot be realized with a status quo mentality. Jason has been a voice for years promoting reforms to ensure that every parent has access to a quality education for their child, renewed respect for skilled labor so that the middle class can enjoy prosperity and security, and vigorous oversight of state agencies so that government is accountable to the citizen. In the State House, he will bring his passion and energy to the job to help Oklahoma take the lead.
Jason recognizes the limits of government. For too long politicians have over-promised and under-produced. As your State Representative, Jason will set practical goals and focus on outcomes, not merely protest to “make a statement.” This begins with getting our fiscal house in order and ensuring that state government lives within its means. But it also means refocusing state government on its core functions: education, public safety, infrastructure, and health. It is exactly when state government spreads itself thin, by becoming involved in issues where it is ineffective or simply unwelcome, that a breakdown in public trust occurs. Jason will bring a demonstrated pragmatism to the job.
Republicans are enjoying unprecedented electoral success in our state. But gaining power is not an end in itself; the GOP must use its position to advance policies that benefit the people of Oklahoma. Jason believes that the surest way to provide this benefit is to stay true to traditional Republican principles of low taxes, free enterprise, and clean government. What’s more, Republican principles must be applied to areas that for too long have been ceded to the other party, namely education, infrastructure, and health care. Jason knows that an effective government by its nature must be limited. In an age of large majorities, Jason will be an advocate for a positive, Republican agenda.


``Men often forget that constructive change offers the best method of avoiding destructive change; that reform is the antidote to revolution.`` – Teddy Roosevelt, 1907
Health Insurance
The rising cost of health insurance is a burden on middle and working class Oklahomans. I will advocate for innovative policies that expand coverage and decrease costs across the state.
Roads And Bridges
We have made progress in recent years with Oklahoma’s roads and bridges but with the recent budget crunch infrastructure funding has taken a hit. I will fight to defend the eight-year plan.
Career & Technical Education
Skilled labor is in great need and is an underrated path of opportunity. I will push for expanded concurrent enrollment opportunities and the growth of apprenticeships.
Teacher Pay
I favor immediately raising teacher pay to the regional average and will not vote for a budget that doesn’t address this goal.
Criminal Justice Reform
Our criminal justice system is unsustainable and ineffective. Without reform, it will break the treasury. I favor completing the implementation of State Questions 780 & 781.
Budget Reform
In order to increase accountability and transparency in state agencies, I favor a return to line-item budgeting.
Higher Education
Public higher education is an engine for economic development and social mobility. I will work to keep higher ed in this state excellent, accessible, and affordable.
Agency Oversight
I’ll demand audits of all major agencies. We must follow up by requiring agency heads to testify before a House committee dedicated to oversight.


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